Hydrogen Hybrid Cars 2008 Gas Hybrid Cars 2008

Do Hydrogen Conversion Kits Work with Diesels?  

If you have any interest in a) the environment, b) alternative technology, c) saving gas or d) saving money then you might already know about the new Hydrogen Conversion Kits

Increase Gas Mileage Up To 40% - Hho Gas Generators

You want to know how to get the best gas mileage while driving your car? While our gasoline prices increase daily some parts of Europe and Great Britain pay twice as much for their petrol. >>>>

Toyota Hybrid Cars 2008 Honda Hybrid Cars 2008
Toyota Introduces 2008 Camry Models 

Toyota Motor Sales USA now releases the 6th-generation 2008 model year of the Camry sedan, America’s best selling car. For 2008, the car comes with numerous new features on the exterior and interior>>>
The Honda Civic Hybrid From The Drivers Perspectivev

We all know, in basic terms what a hybrid is all about and what some of the advantages are, but do we really know how they work and why they work? Let’s take a closer look at that question starting with Honda’s Civic hybrid as an example

Buying Good Quality Cheap Cars : New cars cheap cars

Buying Good Quality Cheap Cars  
by Dan Hackett


It’s time to be practical today in the midst of global economical crisis; you don’t have to spend too much hard earned money on expensive brand new cars when there are plenty of options to buy cheap cars where good quality service is offered just within your area. Cheap cars provide an opportunity for you to finally own a car for your daily needs at amazingly affordable rates that can fit in with almost any budget no matter how big or small. Just because they are cheap cars it doesn’t mean that they are poor in quality. They are simply sold because owners may want to buy a new car of their choice; or a new model is being launched and they want to buy it by selling their old car. A cheap car should not effect your opinion on quality. If you buy a good cheap reliable car it will last you years to come.Cheap cars are available in many different brands; from top of the line luxury vehicles like BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Bentley or Rolls Royce and Jaguar; sports car like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche; to family cars like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chrysler, Isuzo, Suzuki, Nissan, Volvo, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi. You can even buy cheap cars like buggies, hummers and 4×4 vehicles which are well suited for off-road driving conditions. Cheap cars are also available in various colors of your choice and type of transmission, like manual or automatic transmission.

A cheap second hand car can also save you money if you are after an Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) which is becoming more and more popular in the UK. With rising fuel costs an LPG car may just be what you are after and there are so many available second hand now.

The advantage of buying cheap cars at your nearest online cheap cars dealer is that it gives you an opportunity to own luxury vehicles at very affordable rates. Owning a popular and prestigious brand like a Ferrari or a BMW at almost 50% off their original price is already a good deal at cheap cars dealer near your area. Just imagine driving a James Bond style BMW what would your friends think? They would be extremely jealous and you may even find that they hang around a lot more because they want to be seen in your new car or perhaps you might gain respect from colleagues by simply owning a Rolls Royce or Lexus luxury car.

Buying cheap cars fast track your dreams to finally own the car brand you have long aspired for by making them available to you at very affordable prices just well within the budget of most professionals. You are assured that the quality of each vehicle is well preserved because they have undergone a thorough certification process to ensure that they are in good driving condition for your total convenience and road safety. Why wait for more years to drive a brand new car when you can already drive your own dream car today at cheap cars for sale just a few clicks away and you will then be on your way to a cheaper second hand car.

What Are HHO Kits and Do They Work? :new car 2010

What Are HHO Kits and Do They Work?  
by Art Gib


The purpose of HHO kits is to increase a car’s gas mileage through the addition of a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases. Although the technology has not been definitely proven yet, there is definitely a lengthening list of users who swear that oxyhydrogen (also known as Brown’s gas) has consistently added 100 extra miles to each tank of gas they put in their cars. Here’s more about it.Its name (HHO) comes from the 2:1 ratio of two molecules of hydrogen to one molecule of oxygen. This is actually the same ratio that produces water in liquid form, but in this case HHO is a gas. When this gas hybrid is heated enough, combustion occurs and then converts to steam and releases energy. Because oxyhydrogen is highly combustible, it must be used with care. It was used for lighting (lime light) when a spotlight was needed because oxyhydrogen produces a white brilliance ideal for such purposes. However, electricity has since replaced HHO due to safety concerns. Oxyhydrogen has had several welding applications in the past also.

What is an HHO kit?

An HHO kit is designed to introduce oxyhydrogen into a car’s air induction system, and should not be mistaken as a gasoline substitute. The change in the car’s air system brought on by the introduction of oxyhydrogen is thought to improve the efficiency of the combustion process involved in burning gasoline. As a result, the car is more gas-efficient since it is getting a “boost” of sorts.

This converter kit will help you to change your car from one that runs on gas only to one that runs on gas with the help of oxyhydrogen. Some websites claim that the savings in gas costs can run as high as 15-50%! HHO kit suppliers also claim the obvious: that using HHO is better for the environment since less gas is used, and that engines run cleaner and will enjoy a much longer lifespan.

Kits come complete with hydrogen-creating tanks, tubing, instructions, and everything else needed to start saving gas and money right away. Prices on these units range from $300 to $700, making them attainable for most car owners.

Anyone interested in using an HHO kit for their own vehicle should do plenty of research, read testimonials, and be sure that it is feasible for him and his lifestyle. Make sure to compare manufacturers and find the one that has the features you want at the best possible price.

Advantages Of Hybrid Cars Over Traditional Cars :new cars hybrid 2010

Advantages Of Hybrid Cars Over Traditional Cars   
by Allan Michael Taylor


Fuel causes countless reparation to our setting and its prices keep rising every now and then. Bearing in mind these two factors, a large number of car owners and buyers have been looking for a suitable choice to save money as well as their surrounding environment. Most of people are reckoning hybrid cars as the best replacements for traditional cars, as these cars permit them to save their money as well as surrounding environment.During the past few years, there is a substantial increase in the status of hybrid cars. Results of some studies show that hybrid cars would restore nearly 40% traditional cars in many European and North American countries in the next five years. As hybrid cars are being developed by utilising the most advanced technology, the construction cost for a hybrid car is quite low and that’s why they are an reasonable alternative for everyone.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a hybrid car is that they allow users to save some good amounts of gasoline. These hybrid cars feature cleaner energy that is produced by an electric motor, and they have a long-range capacity of gasoline engines as well. This allows these cars to save nearly 30 miles per gallon. Another striking feature of these hybrid cars is that their gasoline engine automatically shuts off when the car begins to stop. It also shows quite effectual to save some good amounts of fuel. You just step on their accelerator and their gasoline engines turn on mechanically.

Most of traditional cars emit loads of toxic emissions, while hybrid cars least amounts of toxic emissions, as they burn less gasoline. Nevertheless, these hybrid cars are quite environment-friendly and cause less pollution in the air, as they emit minor quantity of carbon dioxide in the air. It’s worth mentioning that higher amounts of carbon dioxide in the air are careful one of the essential reasons of increasing global warming. Hybrid car buyers can get huge tax aid on different models of these hybrid cars. Due to this inducement provided on fuel effectiveness and the amount of gasoline that some hybrid can save in its lifetime.

Manufacturers of these hybrid cars seem to carry on their research to find some more efficient means to reduce the amount of fuel consumption. They are also trying to introduce some new ways for better fuel effectiveness.

Besides these popular gains, the biggest gain of a hybrid car is that they are functional for your immediate environment as well as an inexpensive option for all those who want to save good amount of money and their surrounding setting.

The debates on weather are sustained and the weather is getting crazier and warmer with every passing day, and everyone will have to play their role in a suitable way to make mother Earth a safe place for everybody. Don’t think so that one swallow can’t bring summer. Just do that you can do to save your environment and you will positively feel the difference when others will start to think as you do.

Hybrid Cars, The Cars Of The Future : New cars hybrid 2009-2010

Hybrid Cars, The Cars Of The Future  
by Kath Mathews


If you are thinking about purchasing a new car, it may be the right time for you to consider getting rid of the idea of purchasing another kind of gas-guzzling conventional car and start thinking about the future. Not just your financial future, but also the future of the environment.

If you noticed that there is another increase in the already expensive gasoline prices, you couldn’t help but think that you need a car that conserves fuel efficiently. Also, if you are concerned about the increasing air pollution in the planet today, you can’t help but think that you should stop using a regular car and start using alternative modes of transportation.

However today, you don’t need to worry about either the constant oil price hikes or the environment with the latest technology being integrated today by car manufacturers in their new car models. Today, car manufacturers are now designing hybrid cars. Some even added a new line in their factories devoted to producing hybrid cars.

Car manufacturers, such as Toyota and Honda, are now considered to be one of the leading companies to produce one of the best hybrid cars available in the market today. Because hybrid cars are both fuel efficient and emits far lower levels of pollutants, this car is definitely the car of the future.

Hybrid cars work by combining the gasoline engine and electric motor to run the car. With this kind of innovation, it will enable you to cut fuel consumption in half. With this kind of benefit, you will definitely want to have a hybrid car of your own. However, you first need to fully understand how hybrid cars work or at least have an idea on how it works.

First of all, hybrid cars have two engines. The first is the electric motor and the second is the conventional gasoline engine. When your car is running idle, or it is not in motion but is turned on, the gasoline engine automatically switches off and will purely run on electricity. When you step on the accelerator pedal, the gasoline engine will automatically switch on again and use the fuel to propel the car. This means that when you are stuck in gridlock traffic, you will not waste precious and expensive gasoline when the car isn’t even running at all. It will purely run on electricity.

Also, when the car is running, the electric motor and the gasoline engine will share the task of propelling the car. This is the reason why hybrid cars emit far lower pollutants than conventional cars that only has gasoline engines.

This is also the reason why hybrid cars are so quiet when running.

Today, other car manufacturers are now following to develop their version of their hybrid cars. In fact, some car manufacturers have now shown the public their concept hybrid cars and are now planning to include a hybrid car line in their production. The hybrid car is indeed the car of the future.

Not only will a hybrid car enable you to save a lot of money from the rising cost of gasoline, but it will also allow you to help reduce the pollution in the environment. In the near future, most people will be driving hybrid cars. With this car, you can help in reducing the consumption of expensive and finite fuel supply, and you will also help in creating a healthier environment.

Honda Hit Hard By Global Economic Downturn :New honda 2009

Honda Hit Hard By Global Economic Downturn  
by Shaun Parker


That pesky recession! Who does it think it is, coming over here, taking our jobs, hitting everyone in the pocket, grabbing all the headlines, making the lives of us Brits a misery? The best way for Britain to cope with the dire straits that is the recession, is to put on a brave face. Britain may not be the best in the world at many things these days, but one thing we are good at is having a laugh in the face of adversity.The latest news that one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, Honda, are to stop production at their British factory in Swindon for the next four months, affecting 75 per cent of Honda’s 4,000 strong British factory workforce.

Honda’s global third quarter net profit has dropped by a staggering 89 per cent, and even though Business Secretary Lord Mandelson announced a government support package for the UK car industry which could be up to 2.3 billion pounds, the Japanese car giant has had to go ahead with the longest factory shutdown in recent history.

Many car manufacturers have had to make cut-backs in production simply because demand for brand new cars during these difficult financial times is way below levels of supply - Honda dealers have not experienced such a slowdown in turnover that something just had to give and it makes perfect business sense to cut production, sit back and reflect on how the next quarter pans out.

Despite Honda stating that they jobs are safe, it is common knowledge that over a quarter of factory staff have taken up voluntary redundancy, perhaps as they see no end to the gloom and doom in the near future.

Fears that the halt in production in Swindon may continue past the next four months have been dispelled, or at least there lies some hope, as Honda are going ahead with part orders - a measure that they surely would not take if they felt that production would continue to stop for an even longer time period.

Honda usually produce 240,000 cars from their Swindon factory, but that figure will halve over the course of the next year and elsewhere, global production will be slashed by 56,000 units. Honda is yet to announce whether employees from their other business sectors and departments in the U, such as Honda dealers and administration staff will be affected during the next year, which finance experts are saying will continue in recession, possibly through to 2010.

Honda dealers have obviously experienced a slowdown in business, both in the sale of brand new vehicles - the bread and butter, where the highest margins are made - and also used cars from Honda dealers.

Figures are set to continue to decrease for the duration of 2009 as Honda economists have forecast a net profit for the year to March 2009 to be less than half of its earlier forecast of 185 billion yen. The company’s net profit for the quarter ending December 2008 was 180 billion yen below the mark reached during the same quarter the previous year - a staggering example of just how badly affected the car industry has been since the global economy took a nosedive.

The Swindon factory workforce will obviously be concerned, but will no doubt be putting on a brave face, in true British fashion. Let’s hope, like the global economy, their fortunes can change over the next year.

Honda Accord Head Lights : New cars honda 2009

Honda Accord Head Lights  
by louie liu


A vehicle is among those complicated machines in this world considering their systems and sub-systems. They are typically composed of many different parts that must complement with each other in order for it to give off the performance and functions expected from it. There are many parts and features involve in order for a vehicle to function as well as there are lots of things to consider; safety, performance and comforts. For your vehicle’s safety features, lights and lights assembly are always included; you can’t drive or maneuver a vehicle completely without lights, especially headlights. That’s why these are among the standard parts of a vehicle and there are still lots of enhancements available. For such matter, you can typically find headlights in different types and kinds; and if you have ACCORD vehicles, there are many options for it like ACCORD projector headlights. Headlights are considered as among the vital things in a vehicle’s operation especially in keeping you safe when driving at night or dark places. Your vehicle’s headlights are among those outside lights that guides you through your cruising. Defined as the light mounted on the front of the car, headlights are parts that light the road ahead of you. Usually, headlights have reflectors and special lenses; they are mostly of sealed beam types. There are lots of types and kinds of headlights available; automatic, parabolic, halogen, projector, etc. Projector headlights are type of headlights which produces stronger beam than parabolic headlights. These lights are intended to light a more focused area and lee scatter loss. It works specifically like a slide projector as it name implies. Projector headlights are mostly considered as performance replacement headlights since it can enhance the lighting condition of your vehicle. Like most headlights, projector types are available whether as OEM, aftermarket, factory original or used. If you want to give your ACCORD vehicle a lasting life as well as enhanced styles, you can add accessories like headlight covers, protector and mask. There are several online stores selling ACCORD projector headlights. Make sure that before you purchase any projector headlights from any auto parts online store, you first verify or research if the store is reliable or not. You can do this by calling Consumers Advocates and inquire about any reported misconducts or violation about the store or company you want to deal with. Consumers Advocates should be able to tell you which companies to be trusted and which companies should be avoided. At, you can find many projector headlights with different options to choose, there is black housing projector headlights, chrome housing projector headlights, dual halo projector headlights, single halo projector headlights, blue lens projector head lights, clear lens projector headlights. Black housing projector headlights have became more popular in the market because the factory headlights are usually made with chrome housing and you can see immediately see the difference in the appearance after the installation.Due to the safety regulation from Department Of Transportations (DOT), all head lights, and projector headlights are required to have amber corner lens and the ones are without it will not be street legal and it should only be equipped as “off road use only”. At, they understand their customer’s need and they are here to help you to enjoy fixing up your everyday ride and remind their customers that safety condition of their vehicle should always be the number 1 consideration.

Keen Demand for DIY Hydrogen Kits for Cars :New cars save fuel

Keen Demand for DIY Hydrogen Kits for Cars  
by James Larkin


There’s a global boom going on in the motor vehicle field as increasing numbers of motorists convert their vehicles with hydrogen car kits.The system is often referred to as “running your car on water”.

It uses water to produce HHO (also known as Hydroxy or Brown Gas). It provides greatly increased fuel consumption, more power and improved performance. The end product is water so there is clear emission.

The kit works on gas or diesel powered cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. The conversion is safe, fast and easy to do. All that is needed is a conversion manual. The parts for the kit can be easily purchased for less than $100 at local hardware and auto stories.

The HHO system is easily reversible and does not void auto manufacturers’ warranties.

With new car sales currently at a low it is likely even more current vehicle owners will take advantage of the savings offered by the hydrogen conversion kit.

The new hydrogen powered cars produced by auto manufacturers are expensive. Critics says they are possibly dangerous because they store hydrogen in high pressure tanks. There is also the problem of getting hydrogen supplies at service stations and the possible polluting effects of manufacturing hydrogen.

The hydrogen car kits however provide hydrogen as the car needs it, rather than in storage tanks. The combustible gas is safe because it is extracted as needed and burned steadily from the water, unlike larger volumes of pure hydrogen which are highly flammable.

I’ve seen some service station operators offering to do the conversion for $1000 which I think is a bit steep when you consider you can do it yourself for less than $100, plus the cost of the instruction manual.

The instructions manuals can cost hundreds of dollars but I’ve been shopping around.

The very best deal I’ve seen for a Hydrogen Car Kit instruction manual is a special sales price of only $67 which has got be the cheapest on the Net.

Believe it or not it comes in 24 languages, with a money back guarantee and various very useful extras. The company even provides tax forms for you to claim government rebate for running a green car.

But it’s not just the cool instruction manual price. Also their system is more powerful than most and they provide good long term back-up support.

I believe this whole current conversion scene is all part of global automotive history. It’s ironic that while giant car companies are almost collapsing because they have done little to keep pace with the times, ordinary people using a few dollars and some initiative are leaving them standing. So if you want to save like 50 per cent on fuel costs, boost your vehicle performance, reduce vehicle emissions and help prevent global warming get a kit.

There is also another possibility. You could start a full or part-time business doing hydrogen car kit conversions yourself. I think the company concerned would probably be supportive of that.

Something to think about in these hard economic times. You would save heaps on your own fuel costs and make money installing the kits for other people.

Full details at

Alternative Fuel For Cars? : New hybrid cars 2009

Alternative Fuel For Cars?  
by Clara Nolt

With the cost of rising gas prices to run your cars, is it any wonder that people are looking for alternative fuel for cars? Let’s have a look at some alternative methods of powering your cars along with the pros and cons.

Newer cars are coming out that get better fuel mileage than the older models. Also, there are all sorts of fuel additives that are able to increase your cars mpg.

In the first place, why do we cling to gasoline as our fuel source? Many other sources have materialized that can give power to a vehicle. There are technical as well as economical agents involved. There are certain citizens that have an invested interest in keeping gasoline as our main source of fuel who will want to make sure that it stays that way.

There are certain types of alcohols that can be applied as an alternative fuel for cars that have already been used in the past century to power cars. The electrical energy is stored in the shape of batteries.

Hybrid cars have been built to use electrical energy from both gasoline and battery storage. These cars run by battery, kicking the fuel engine in only when needed. The gas engine doesn’t usually kick in unless you are accelerating at a high speed or if you are going up a hill. This causes these cars to get much better miles per gallon of fuel.

One possibility would be hydrogen, which is much cleaner for the environment, but at the present time it takes up too much space which causes a problem with storage during transport.

There is also a water system being sold today that can be attached to your cars fuel system.There has been reportings of up to a 30% increase, and even a little more, of fuel efficiency. This is really good for many people who are concerned about getting high fuel efficiency, however it is highly recommended to check with a professional to see if your cars warranty will still be honored if this system is added to your vehicle.

You can also find other potential alternative fuel sources as well.

Even though gasoline fuel is not friendly for the environment,it does have a few friendly facets in regards to it. For a little bit of fuel it produces lots of zip! All of the alternatives each have their own effects in terms of how viable they are, both economically as well as environmentally.

For example, a fuel called ethanol, is produced from sugar cane or corn crops and is an inebriant that can be blended with gasoline up to a ratio of approximately 85% ethanol to 15% gasoline. A great deal of land is required to produce sufficient amounts of ethanol. It takes about 1 gallon of ethanol to give about 2/3 of the energy of 1 gallon of gasoline. When ignited it still creates a substantial amount of carbon dioxide, therefore it is not hugely environmentally friendly.

Another potential answer for an alternative fuel for cars in the future are batteries that store solar energy, but technology is not enough advanced at this point to provide adequate energy to run a vehicle as compared to cars running on gasoline.

Another potential solution would be atomic energy. But this, as well, has has various possible cons such as the yield of nuclear waste. The current use of nuclear power would increase by approximately nine times.

So, even though we would all be happy to get free from gas as our primary source of power to energize our cars and to have an alternative fuel for cars there are economic as well as technical matters which need to be mastered before this can be accomplished to our satisfaction in order to resolve our optional power sources.

Honda Small Engine - A Reliable Part for Your Pressure Washer :New cars hybrid 2009

Honda Small Engine - A Reliable Part for Your Pressure Washer  
by Ultimate Washer

highest-ranking small engines for sale in the industry is the Honda small engine (visit: .  Known for its reliability and easy starting alone, the Honda small engine is extremely popular with the rental industry (which sees constant use), and is indicative of how hard they work and how easy they are to maintain.


Not only does the GX series (the most popular of Honda small engines) stand up in durability tests, too, but also it features a slant cylinder overhead valve technology that offers great fuel efficiency and the ability to meet emission standards in the US.


There are Honda small engines for commercial use, such as the well-known, flagship GX series, designed in 1983, and for consumer use, such as the new homeowner’s version of the GX called the GC series. The GC series is still fuel efficient, and easy to start, but it is quieter and made for lighter use.


For gas powered pressure washers, the Honda small engine is a good choice. You just need to decide your application. Homeowners use their pressure washer about 20 times a year. If you will basically be washing cars, bikes, and patio furniture, the GC series will suit your needs. If you are looking for an engine for larger jobs for your pressure washer, such as large decks, cleaning house siding, or even removing paint, then the GX engine would be a better choice.


The GX and GC series are single cylinder engines with between 1.1hp up to 13hp with both horizontal and vertical crankshaft designs. Some of the GX ’s features are: an oil alert, electronic ignition, and cast iron cylinder sleeves. The GC features the new internal timing belt, has uniblock cylinder construction, is quiet, with no valve train noise, and has a minimal number of parts. It is very easy to work on.


The unique feature of the GC Honda small engine is its internal timing belt. The belt is designed to allow for a lower profile and is made to last for the life of the engine. Like all Honda small engines, with regular maintenance, repairs should be few and far between, but if you find you need to repair or replace parts, they are easy to locate and obtain.


When maintenance is required, you want to be sure you get the right Honda small engine part the first time. All Honda small engine parts co-ordinate with an ID number stamped on the engine. When ordering, be sure to have the model, type, and serial number at hand. All three are needed in order to differentiate between Honda’s general purpose engines and their power equipment engines. Many Honda small engine parts are not interchangeable in these categories. If you do your own engine repair work, numerous web sites list parts. Getting a paper service manual, which will show and list all Honda small engine parts, will be a little harder–as Honda dealers no longer sell them. Dealer information all comes to them on a CD. However, you can find manuals available on-line.


Honda small engine parts are manufactured with the same quality Honda is known for. There are aftermarket replacement parts available, but you are not guaranteed of the same quality. Try to always use Honda small engine parts whenever you repair your Honda engine.

How To Build a Hydrogen Generator For Your Car : New cars hybrid 2009

How To Build a Hydrogen Generator For Your Car  
by Tom Conlon


With the economy in the situation we find it a lot of us are trying to find avenues to trim the so called fat on our expenses, both personal and work. The biggest hit on our expenses comes at the gas pump. With gas prices at an elevated price and no sight of them coming down is there something to get more and more miles per gallon out of our vehicles. This can be accomplished by installing a hydrogen generator in your vehicle. This brings up the question of how to build a hydrogen generator?In order to build a hydrogen generator one must have an understanding of how the process works. Hydrogen generators take water and separate it into HHO, which is a gas comprising of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. This gas burns beautifully, producing a large quantity of energy and it is by product is only water. You can build a hydrogen generator in any kind of internal combustion engine this includes new cars, old cars, recreational vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and even semi trucks.

Building a hydrogen generator is very simple. Add distilled water with electrolyte in it to a container which needs to be installed in the engine compartment. The containers need to get vacuum lines and electricity from the engine and it will product HHO. Engines with a computer in them will need to be tuned in order to get maximum performance from them. That is it, which was a general idea of how the system works. If you are thinking that it will cost you a fortune to set up a hydrogen generator, think again. With the right information you would only need to spend very little money to install the device in your car, thereby reducing the consumption of gas. There are specific instructions available on the internet that will provide more detailed instructions.

Build a hydrogen generator in your vehicles both personal and work vehicles and you will thrive in these economic times. A vehicle with a 1.9L turbo engine was able to get 60 MPG or more after it had a hydrogen generator installed in it.