NISSAN MURANOThe revolutionary design and excellent stability on the road – this MURANO obliged to recent advances in the field of aerodynamics. Its meteoric streamlined body is built like by a wind pressure force. Crossover is endowed with stunning profile with recognizable roof “hovering” above the cab. With the rear pillars resembling the keel of the tail of the aircraft, graceful lights – “boomerangs”, reinforcing the effect of the air flow flowing around the body and the shimmering 20-inch alloy wheels, MURANO glides over the road like an airliner.

Intelligent system of all-wheel drive. During a trip covering under the wheels can vary, but it does not mean that your confidence on the road has to change. Once you start moving, and intelligent systems of all-wheel drive NISSAN MURANO comes into effect, transferring torque to both axles for better traction. After the speed dial it is no sense to bring all the wheels of the engine, and for greater efficiency MURANO transmits power only to the front wheels.

Technical characteristics of trucks Freightliner Columbia.

Distribution relays and automatic module in trucks is located directly in front of the passenger seat, for easy access to the fuse.trucks

The hood has an angle of inclination of 90 degrees, which ensures easy access to the engine compartment. Clear liquids tanks make it easy to check the level. Inner wheel arch liners are designed to help keep road spray, dust and other contaminants away from the engine, without restricting access to it.

Readily available are truck headlights, lamps can be replaced within a few minutes without the use of special tools. Mounting seats are for standard-sized bulbs. Steering trucks Freightliner Columbia are equipped with front pneumatic shock absorbers, it has an excellent feedback, and provides continuous monitoring of control.
Chassis geometry and wheel well of loading allow the wheel to rotate 50 degrees for greater maneuverability.